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Book news | February 7, 2020

Making Retirement Work: Getting Old and Finishing Well

The prospect of retirement can be daunting for many people. Some are concerned that they will be bored. Others worry that they will no longer have enough money on which to live comfortably. John Bradford, in his latest book, “Making Retirement Work: Getting Old and Finishing Well” answers these and many other questions asked by people entering […]

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The history of Christian music, compiled into one book

If you’ve ever wanted to understand where Christian music originated from, then this is the perfect book for you. Let the People Rejoice: An Interactive history of Christian Music is a remarkable book that has been put together by Mike Spencer, a New Zealander who now resides in Australia. “I always wanted to tell the story […]

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New book tells the story of an Australian nurse as a missionary in Africa

A new book has hit the global marketplace, outlining the fascinating life of an Australian missionary in Tanzania. Guided – A True Story is the autobiography of Jo Brennan, an Australian nurse who worked in Tanzania, East Africa, with the Christian Missionary Society, before moving on to Liberia, West Africa. Her book is aimed at inspiring […]

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Missions | May 21, 2019

A life of travel leads author to Central Australia and fostering Indigenous children

How does a single mum leave behind a life in the city to become a foster parent to Australia’s indigenous community? Cathleen Hope is a remarkable woman who took up the challenge of travelling to a place that most women would never dream of and she has documented it in her new book, Dare to Try. […]

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Outrage As Amazon Bans Christian Books But Promotes Paedophilia Titles

A number of Christian books that portray a biblical approach to morality have recently been removed from Amazon’s platform, while the online giant continues to sell books that promote paedophilia. Two Christian authors whose books document their journey from homosexuality as Jesus transformed their sexual identity have had their books removed, with Amazon claiming that […]

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New book helps children discover their inner superhero

A new children’s book is an imaginative tale about dreaming big and believing in yourself. Arya’s Flying Dreams was originally conjured up as a bedtime story for the author’s nephew and two sons to inspire them to believe that anything is possible. A few years later and whilst on maternity leave with her daughter, her eldest […]

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If ministry stinks, then this new book is a must

For people outside of ministry, the perception can be that it must be pretty easy. After all, it’s 90 minutes on a Sunday, leaving the rest of the week free, right? Not quite, and in Ministry Stinks, this revealing new book, author Melanie J. Saward helps those in ministry navigate the challenge of being a pastor […]

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Why identity in Christ is at the heart of a successful Christian life

Most Christians, if they were being honest, would tell you that they struggle invariably to understand their identity in Christ. One moment you can be reading the scriptures, which point you to the blessed life and the promises of God that are available for God’s children, and the next, you’re facing a barrage of challenges, […]

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Brazilian blind surfer’s story of great courage and faith

Every so often, a unique book comes along that will inspire and motivate you to step into what is you dare to dream about. Beyond These Eyes (Ark House Press) is the biography of Derek Rabelo, the world-renowned Brazilian blind surfer and one of the most courageous people on the planet. Born blind due to congenital glaucoma, […]

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The author inspired to ‘smuggle’ Christian values into a secular novel

Graham Leo is not your average fiction author. But then again, who and what is your ‘average fiction author?’ An author of five books, as well as a school principal for 20 years, Graham has just penned A Clear Dusk Settles, written due to what he believed is a lack of quality in the Christian marketplace for […]

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