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Start It: What Time is Left?

The dreams, ideas, Visions and goals not hatched are beginning to rot away because the bearers are habitual procrastinators. They have placed hope on a tomorrow that is far away, and forgotten about today, which is already here. They forget that very soon today will be yesterday and tomorrow will be today. How time flies.

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| December 8, 2022

From living in a home for neglected children, to life as a pastor, Unexpected is a moving autobiography

Arriving at a home for neglected children on the rural outskirts of the Australian city of Melbourne, Edmond Smith had no idea as a young child that the Sutherland Home was where he would live for the next eleven years. As a very small and fearful boy in the institution in the mid 1940’s, he

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Biography | Books | December 8, 2022


“An engaging sequel to the Silver Poplar that fills out the spiritual journey, overcoming the stigma of an institutional upbringing, leading to an unexpected calling. The writing style and story also allows you to enter into some of the unexpected machinations of the Australian church that existed in that era.”Rev Bill MedleyAuthor of best-selling Religion

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| December 8, 2022

New book inspires Christians to press on in hope, despite the darkness surrounding us

To walk calmly through a world in chaos and cross confidently to the other side may sound a little like a Sci Fi movie plot. Many strident voices promise a pathway through the rising waters, but exactly where is that pathway leading? In the midst of the above author Carol Goode carves a path of

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Books | Christian Living | December 8, 2022

Press On In Hope

The book of Daniel gives a powerful end-time prophecy. “Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall incresase……..None of the wicked shall understand only the wise…” (Daniel 12:4-13) The speed of knowledge today through technology enhancement is rapidly moving. The global world a busy metropolis of continual movement. Communication through social media an endless

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| November 10, 2022

The incredible faith of blind surfer Derek Rabelo told in moving biography

‘If I can do all this and I’m blind, what can you achieve?’ This is a famous quote from Derek Rabelo, a Brazilian blind surfer whose total life is in God’s hands. He is a young man with great courage, inspiration and motivation, and as he releases his new book, I sat down with him

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Biography | Books | November 10, 2022

Beyond These Eyes: The Biography of Blind Surfer Derek Rabelo

“If I can do all this and I am blind, what can you achieve?”  Beyond These Eyes is the biography of one of the most inspiring, courageous and incredible young men to be living on our planet at this time in history.  Professional surfer Derek Rabelo is fearless in the ocean. The unique characteristic of

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| November 8, 2022

If you’re wanting to start a fresh relationship with God, this book is a must-read.

As Australian woman Nenia Tavrou travelled extensively – both locally and overseas, including working in 12 countries – she noticed many people do not see themselves as clearly as Creator God sees them. Regardless of their past, God values and adores each person for who they are and wants to spend time with them. Yes,

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Books | Devotionals | November 8, 2022

Another Moment With God

Finding time each day to connect with God is not only essential to our mental well-being, but also helps us grow spiritually. Another Moment With God is a powerful devotional that is designed for the busy person, using common everyday topics and situations to connect with biblical concepts. These easy-to-read devotionals are short, sharp, to

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| November 5, 2022

Author Haley V. Craft shines in debut novella, Happily Even After

Todd and Katie were made for each other—they’d known it in the second grade and were headed for happily ever after . . . until that one fateful day when everything changed, and the letters they’d cherished for years suddenly tore them apart. Heartbroken, hurt, and deeply confused, Todd and Katie went their separate ways. When their careers

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Books | Fiction | November 5, 2022

Happily Even After

Successful children’s author Todd Hart steps into his new publisher’s conference room, ready to take on the world—but that world stops short when his editor turns around to greet him. She didn’t look the same. Her hair was darker, and the fire in her eyes was gone. But there was no denying she was the

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| November 3, 2022

New book highlights the lasting impact of intentional parenting

Anastasia Corbin grew up in a family of eight children, and craved parental attention as a young girl. The desire to have a close family, and to give kids a deep sense of belonging, stuck with her into her adult years. That passion motivated her to become an elementary school teacher and a parenting-book author.

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