Best Seller, Secret Letters from God’s Heart: A Devotional of Love, Grace, and Healing for the Fearful Heart, Free to Download

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Melissa Jo Croucher is thrilled to announce the release of her new book, Secret Letters from God’s Heart: A Devotional of Love, Grace, and Healing for the Fearful Heart.

In a world where women face mounting pressures to excel, achieve, and conquer, mental health struggles are becoming increasingly prevalent. Studies reveal that women across the globe are three times more likely to experience mental health challenges than men.[1] Amidst this reality, society continues to applaud women who embody resilience, fearlessness, and success, leaving many feeling inadequate, overwhelmed, and broken.

Yet, there is hope! Melissa Croucher’s latest book, Secret Letters from God’s Heart: A Devotional of Love, Grace, and Healing for the Fearful Heart., offers a beacon of light for women seeking solace and healing. Drawing on her personal journey with a loving Father, Croucher empowers women to embrace their true worth as valued, precious, and deserving of healing and peace.

Secret Letters from God’s Heart speaks directly to women who yearn to believe in God’s love for them. Through a heartfelt “love letter” approach, Croucher weaves together Scripture, stories, and songs to guide readers towards a healing relationship with God. This transformative journey leads to the discovery of authentic love, acceptance, and a true sense of identity, providing healing for even the most battered hearts.

Croucher’s vision is for women to experience deep, lasting healing and transformation, leading to a profound shift in the way they live. She emphasizes that this journey requires no strings attached, no performance-based teachings, and no adherence to church traditions. Instead, it is a personal exploration of the intimate, thriving relationship between the reader and their Father God.

Melissa Jo Croucher’s book, Secret Letters from God’s Heart will be available to download for free for five days through June 3, 2023. Secret Letters from God’s Heart has launched with rave reviews. Here’s what just a couple reviewers have said:

Sarah Flippo
5 Stars – Touched my heart

“This book has touched my heart!! The book does a great job of understanding some of the challenges we all face from parenting, fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. I like how relatable the book was to our day-to-day lives and incorporating the love of Jesus and scripture to overcome these challenges.”

Sarah M. Schwendeman
5 Stars – What a life well lived!

“What a beautiful interactive devotional this is! The daily readings are concise, but there is so much within each one! The author does an amazing job of weaving together thought-provoking scenarios, Scripture, prayer, and reflection questions. You can feel both her love of Jesus and passion to share with a hurting world. If you purchase just one devotional this year, this is an excellent choice!”


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