Bestselling new devotional book will help you live your life with purpose

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Human beings the world over, and not just Christians, want to live a life that really counts. Each of us only has a very short time on this earth, and for many of us, really drilling down into our destiny and knowing what we can do for God is a high priority.

It’s no surprise that Dawn Barrie’s new devotional, Living with Purpose, has become a sensation since its release in late 2023. This unique devotional, born out of a lifetime of Christian growth and personal experiences, offers a fresh perspective on living a purposeful life.

After a lifetime of journaling and writing inspirational words to her family and friends, Dawn’s son-in-law encouraged her to put her words into daily devotions with the aim of helping others.

From a marriage of 53 years to now having a family spanning three generations, the reader will learn from the exciting and interesting events that have shaped Dawn’s personal life experiences and decisions.

Dawn discovered the value of maintaining a close relationship with her Lord through her experiences in the secular world, running a business, holding leadership positions within the material world, and many fellowships. Her story is one of perseverance and determination, which resonates with readers striving to achieve their life goals.

From hard work and determination as a child living in a Christian home on a farm, she has learnt many valuable lessons that can help others every day. Even though she has written words of encouragement for many years, this is the first book that Dawn has published, and if you were to ask her, she would say that she just held the pen as God inspired her with words to write.

People who have purchased her book find they want to read the devotion for that day and continue reading as each day inspires and challenges them. In addition, the beauty of Living With Purpose is written with everyone in mind, regardless of age or gender.

These devotions will give you wisdom as you apply the truths of God’s Word to experience the infilling of the Holy Spirit more deeply each day. You will find that you want to reread them every year, for God will continue to speak through them to bless your life.

If you were to ask her, she would say that having her book published is something she never dreamed would happen. Dawn would tell you it was a challenge she has learnt from, becoming more determined, patient and persistent, from which God has truly humbled her. Thankfully, she didn’t give up but achieved a devotional book that will help anyone live purposefully and grow in their relationship with their Heavenly Father.

Living With Purpose, published by Ark House, will encourage your life each day as you hear God speaking through the words written in this insightful devotional, which is now readily available globally.

About the author
After a lifetime of growing daily in her relationship with her Lord through hard work and challenges, Dawn has published an encouraging and inspirational book of daily devotions called Living with Purpose. This book will challenge and inspire you to grow in your own relationship with God. Don’t miss the opportunity God has given you through Dawn’s words.

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