‘Coming of age’ journey from darkness to an extraordinary life in Christ told in new book

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While there is a steep rise in our culture of the occult, addictions, and deception, one author’s personal encounter with the powers of darkness, to a restored life in the Light of Christ, will keep you turning the pages.

Jacqueline’ Clark’s new book, Unchained Melody, is the work of her desire to share a deeply moving, powerful testimony of how an ordinary person can be transformed to live an extraordinary life in Christ. This psychological drama exposes the deceiving, dark world of the occult and the destructive path of addictions.

Jacqueline reveals the inner torment of the psyche of Melody, the book’s main character, by pulling back the veil to the battle raging in the unseen spiritual realm, as a warning to those tempted to venture down this path. In addition, the New Age world, which is a very soft door opening to the dark side, is no exception.

The story is unique as it tackles real life accounts of the “unseen spiritual realm intersecting with our natural world” that are not usually written about or discussed in a narrative approach. Based on a true story, the author allows the reader to experience the journey through eyes of the main character. Editors have commented that the book has subject matters that people can explore and discuss long after they have finished the book.

In Unchained Melody, Jacqueline contrasts this darkness with her heartwarming journey of faith in God, who shines His Light on those dark places of her heart.

Readers will learn:
To connect to the main character, Melody who is relatable as goes through the rollercoaster of life’s journey of culture shock, identity, bullying, trauma, grief, personal growth and discovery, finding her humour and her calling, fear and failure – plus more

Discovery and intrigue – The true story keeps the audience captivated by discovering the invisible spiritual world, as if putting together a jigsaw puzzle of experiences vs truth from the Word of God.

The relevance to the time we are living in with the bold rise in the occult, addictions, and the deceiving way it is marketed by media and the entertainment industry as ‘cool’ and ‘good’.

The unpredictable story that is packed with events that paint a large picture, with layers of hidden messages, and subject matters for the audience to explore.

That it is fast moving with various themes with the story building up to a crescendo for those that find it hard concentrate on a detailed text.

That the storyline is unique – The book involves difficult subjects with supernatural themes that are not usually discussed. It shines the light on the darkness, exposing deception and the strategies of the evil one.

The narrative is thought provoking – It may motivate the audience to discuss these subjects or investigate it long after they have finished the book. It encourages readers to go back to the Bible for understanding of the spiritual battle that we find ourselves in.

Jacqueline is married, and has three grown up children. She has worked in the corporate industry, then called to complete further education in counselling and psychology. She practiced as a counsellor for a period of time at a medical centre, before having children and going on maternity leave.During her time raising her children, she continued on with ministry and pastoral counselling, returning to a corporate sector once the children were at school.Unchained Melody, published by Ark House, is now available globally.

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