Discover the Mystery of God’s Indwelling Presence with Powerful New Book

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Unravel the great riddle of our Creator with Rick Tedeschi’s groundbreaking exploration of divine life. In an age where spirituality and personal growth are paramount, Tedeschi’s book offers readers a unique perspective on the relationship between God and humanity.

Tedeschi delves into the profound mystery of the divine presence within us. His work presents a transformative journey into understanding “Christ in us, the hope of glory.” The book promises to challenge, inspire, and enlighten readers as they explore the divine life that yearns to dwell within each one of us.

Rick Tedeschi’s exploration is not just an academic exercise, but a personal journey sparked by a question asked to the Lord about His inner presence. He invites readers to join him on this exciting expedition, promising a fresh perspective on spirituality and the divine life.

Tedeschi’s narrative is anchored in his own experiences and relationships, making the book both relatable and compelling.

For those seeking a deeper understanding of their spiritual journey and for anyone interested in exploring the mystery of the divine life within us all, Rick Tedeschi’s new book is a must-read.

Rick Tedeschi’s My Father’s Promise: Journey into the Freedom, Power, and Mystery of God’s Indwelling Presence is highly rated by those who have purchased the book. Here’s what just one of the reviewers have said:

5 stars
I love a good mystery!

“Yes, I do love the mystery genre but this book delves into the mysterious ways of God including His marvelous riddles and thought-provoking parables. It challenges how we often think we know what He meant…but did we really, or is it Christian tradition? The writing style reminded me in some ways of an English author I love, F.B. Meyer, who has been gone almost 100 years. How wonderful to find a current writer who often writes just as poetically and with such depth. The book has influenced me as I dwell on the Father’s Promise. It frequently aligns with thoughts and experiences I have, that aren’t necessarily common or accepted. I think it is good to question preconceived ideas in the light of Scripture.”

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About the Author
RICK TEDESCHI asked a question to the Lord about His inner presence and found himself on the journey of a lifetime. Rick is a husband to his best friend, Lynn, for over 45 years, father, and grandfather blessed with a host of grandchildren. His writing is a “work from the pew” as an author, engineer, and project manager. Rick manages his own engineering consulting firm, and finds time for camping with family and many hobbies with his grandkids, in addition to continuing to write about Jesus’ indwelling presence. He is also working on several fiction stories of a similar theme. The exploration of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling life is his passionate joy.

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