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An urgent spiritual call echoes across the globe as Na’Kedra Rodgers, a Texas-based motivational speaker and influencer, releases her inspiring new devotional, “Kneeling Earnestly for Transformation” (published by Redemption Press). Brimming with personal stories of hope and resilience found through faith in Jesus, this book is a beacon of light for women navigating trying times.

Rodgers, with her charismatic, contemporary voice, tackles pressing issues that resonate with women today. From overcoming anxiety and life’s hardships to receiving comfort from God and recognizing Him as our sanctuary, she provides wisdom and guidance. Her profound insights on the Holy Spirit’s intercession and the quest for perfect peace are particularly timely.

Kneeling Earnestly for Transformation” is more than just a thirty-day devotional; it’s a spiritual journey that uplifts and empowers. It is a clarion call for those feeling defeated or on the brink of surrender, offering them renewed hope and strength to persist in their spiritual transformation. Rodgers’ consistent message resonates powerfully: you are an overcomer through the Lord. As she affirms, “In the end, you will receive a crown of life if you don’t waiver in your faith. Keep pressing forward so you will one day hear Him say, ‘Servant, well done.’”

Each devotional begins with a relevant Bible verse, follows with a thought-provoking question, and concludes with an encouraging prayer and scripture passage. This unique blend of biblical teaching and practical personal application not only enlightens the reader but also brings them one step closer to total transformation.

Fuel your faith and ignite your spirit with Na’Kedra Rodgers’ “Kneeling Earnestly for Transformation.” This book is not merely a read; it’s an experience that will inspire and transform your life.

Na’Kedra Rodgers book, “Kneeling Earnestly for Transformation” will be available to download for free for five days through August 5, 2023. Here’s what a recent reviewer had to say

5 Stars – A must-read for anyone seeking spiritual growth

“Kneeling Earnestly for Transformation is a powerful and inspiring journey towards self-discovery and spiritual growth. This devotional is a beacon of hope for those who are feeling defeated or on the brink of giving up, offering comfort and guidance through the transformative power of faith … A must-read for anyone seeking spiritual growth and a fresh perspective on life’s challenges.”

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Popular motivational speaker and influencer Na’Kedra Rodgers shares enthusiastic messages of healing and hope with her social media community. The Monroe, Louisiana native and LSU graduate now lives in Dallas/Ft. Worth and encourages women through her devotionals featured in the e-devotional AriseDaily765. Rodgers has appeared on Shoutout DFW and Fishbowl Radio, and regularly ministers through guest appearances and on her own social media sites. Na’Kedra has been married to Kelven for eight years and has two beautiful girls, Chloe and Harley. She loves to dance and enters West Coast Swing competitions across the country several times a year.

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