Faithful Before, Faithful Again 21-Day Devotional Challenge for Stressed Moms

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Lynn Nitcher presents her debut book, Faithful Before, Faithful Again, A 21-Day Challenge: Finding God Faithful in an Anxious World (Redemption Press)

In a world where stress and anxiety are rapidly becoming the norm for mothers, Lynn Nitcher, a debut author and podcast host, offers a beacon of hope. With over two-thirds of mothers confessing to feeling anxious in a recent survey by Everyday Health Group[1], the need for solace and guidance has never been more urgent.

Faithful Before, Faithful Again, A 21-Day Challenge,” a devotional masterpiece that seeks to inspire mothers to lean into their faith, offering them comfort and strength in their parenting journey.

Having experienced the trials and tribulations of motherhood firsthand while raising three children and working in early childhood education, Nitcher truly understands the pressures mothers face. Her book is a testament to resilience, filled with heartfelt stories that highlight God’s unwavering faithfulness even in moments of extreme stress. It’s a gentle reminder of the promise of peace for troubled hearts.

Faithful Before, Faithful Again” is tailored for all mothers—those navigating the labyrinth of children’s activities and packed schedules, those raising teenagers, and even those who have entered the empty nest phase and are questioning their purpose. Nitcher candidly shares her personal experiences with anxiety and worry, and how she found solace in God’s faithfulness.

As Nitcher puts it, “My primary aim with this book is to help mothers recall God’s faithfulness, recognize how He has met their needs in the past, and reassure them of His continued presence in their future. Because God has proven faithful before, we can trust He will remain faithful again.”

This book isn’t just a read—it’s an interactive experience. It includes journaling pages for reflective responses, encouraging mothers to spend daily time with Jesus in His Word. This helps them uncover God’s faithfulness in their own lives, providing a soothing balm for their anxiety and instilling a deep-seated peace that comes from knowing they are not alone in their struggles.

Lynn Nitcher’s, “Faithful Before, Faithful Again” will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days (1/23/2024-1/27/2024). Click here to download. “Faithful Before, Faithful Again” is rated 5.0 stars by those who have purchased the book. Here’s what some of the reviewers have said:

5.0 out of 5 stars Encouraging Book for Mom’s in all stages!

“This is not just a book; it’s a great source of strength and encouragement, for Mom’s in all stages! Lynn’s writing is a gentle reminder that, amidst the chaos of daily life, God’s love and faithfulness are steadfast.”

5.0 out of 5 stars Succinct, but full of wisdom, scripture, and encouragement!

“I love the 21 different topics, the personal stories, and the focus on scripture. Each day ends with a challenge to reflect on God’s faithfulness and apply his word to our own circumstances. Lynn points us to rely on God, saying, “It’s not about the entirety of what we know but the sovereignty of who we know.“

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About the Author

Native Texan Lynn Nitcher earned a degree in French with a certification to teach, worked in early childhood education in both private and public school settings for fourteen years, and is the host of The Drive Thru Moms podcast. Married to her college sweetheart for thirty-four years, Lynn is the mother of three and Nana of two, and was a stay-at-home mom for sixteen years. She lives in the Dallas area where she enjoys Pilates, watching basketball, playing with her grandbabies and golden doodle Maverick. Visit Lynn online at

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