Fascinating new book examines the ineffective church as Christianity embraces world’s culture

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Study after study has shown that the church in America is in steep decline. And while some may blame it on Covid and online church options, sadly, the heart of the matter is that the issues actually run a lot deeper.

Christians are leaving the church not just because they are getting busier, but because there is a disturbing theological absence that is now in many of our churches.

Dr Kenneth Lewis is the author of For What It’s Worth, published by Ark House. Dr. Lewis says that in the last decade, he has been burdened with the direction of the church around America and across the world. Thus he felt compelled to begin writing about the downward spiral of the church into the culture of an unsaved world.

While he is passionate, cutting edge, and Biblical in his desire for the church to repent of its entanglement with a godless world, he also holds the church accountable to ensure it performs the role that God in fact called it to perform.

“In this book, I have sought to point out some issues that I believe are taking the church down into the culture of the world, thus making Her ineffective,” Dr. Lewis stated. “Many may disagree with my analysis, but I wrote from a heartfelt passion aimed at waking up the sleeping church.

“I believe we are in the last days, just before our Lord appears in the clouds to take us home. Much of what is going on in our society, our culture and in many churches is because the appointed time for his return is near. Which road are you on: The narrow road or the broad road?”

Dr. Lewis believes that many churches are taking the “wide road” in their approach, at a pivotal time when we need them to stand firmly on the Word of God. Being popular is not our motive; standing on the Word of God is rather our calling.

Dr. Lewis has traveled this great land ministering in music and preaching. A gifted preacher, he holds a BA in Religion, a Masters in Theology, and a Doctorate in Theology. He has preached in over 150 revival meetings across the country, pastored several churches. He has also had several daily radio programs, and some television shows preaching and various interviews.

In For What It’s Worth, Dr. Lewis examines the church and its effectiveness in a world that is aggressively rejecting our message. Should we change our message to attract a lost world, or should we stay faithful and true to the Word of God? Many have changed the message to accommodate a sinful world, but For What It’s Worth makes the case for remaining Biblically sound.

A book all Christians will want to read, For What It’s Worth is now available globally.

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