Former Patient Writes Guide to Assist Caregivers When Loved Ones or Clients Are Hospitalized

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In 2019, pre-COVID, almost 7 percent of people aged eighteen to forty-four in the United States were hospitalized at least once. But among people sixty-five and older, the rate was almost 17 percent.[1]

As a former hospital patient, daughter, and sister of long-time patients, author Jody L. Gold says she is “painfully aware of how the system of care works.” Sensing an informational gap, she sought to fill it by writing The Caregiver’s Quick Guide to Medical Care: How to Navigate Hospital Care, Communication, and Services (Redemption Press).

In her work in law, Gold interviewed people seeking advocacy and proper care. Her brother was hospitalized as a child and she spent time with him extensively as he recovered. Years later, she navigated her own breast cancer journey, and wrote Navigating the Clouds about that experience. Now she has published The Caregiver’s Quick Guide to Medical Care designed to help caregivers whose family members or clients of care homes are hospitalized.

“The care and comfort of the patient is what put this on my heart,” Gold said, noting patients are vulnerable, and advocacy is “the most important thing we can give.” Her interactive and step-by-step quick guide helps prepare and streamline the process of a loved one or care facility client going into the hospital.

Hospital terms, helpful forms to aid in communication with hospital staff, questions to ask, what to expect, and what assistance is available are covered. The tools in this resource will help instill confidence in caregivers for navigating hospital care—from intake to final arrangements, if necessary.


Meet Jody, a resilient professional with a business-college education and a captivating journey in law. Her debut book, Navigating the Clouds: A Courageous Faith Journey through Breast Cancer, showcases her unwavering spirit. Now, introducing The Caregiver’s Guide, a practical, step-by-step guidebook based on personal experience in caretaking. Her passion is to provide others with the simple tools for success as they navigate the process of caring for another. For over three decades, Jody has been married to the love of her life and blessed with three amazing young adult children. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Jody finds solace in downhill skiing, mountain biking, decorating, sewing, and the art of gift giving.

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[1] “U.S. population with a hospitalization 1997-2019, by age,” published by Statista Research Department, Sept. 2022.

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