Groundbreaking Book, Depth by Drama Now Available: A Must-Have Guide for Creating and Presenting Bible-Based Shows

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Director and performer Michael Merker is thrilled to announce the release of his highly anticipated book, Depth by Drama. This groundbreaking guide is designed to equip missionaries, group leaders, pastors, and anyone looking to create and present engaging Bible-based shows that both entertain and affirm faith.

With decades of experience as a director, professional actor and musician, Michael Merker has dedicated his life to spreading the gospel through the power of theatrical productions. His passion for storytelling and commitment to accuracy and authenticity set him apart in the world of Christian theater. In Depth by Drama, Merker shares his extensive knowledge and expertise to help others bring the Bible to life on stage.

The back cover copy of the book perfectly encapsulates the essence of Depth by Drama:

“Discover the transformative power of drama as you learn how to create compelling Bible-based performances that captivate audiences and deepen their understanding of scripture. In Depth by Drama, Michael Merker offers practical tips, techniques, and strategies for crafting unforgettable productions that bring the Word of God to life.”

Merker explains, “My hope is that the ideas and techniques presented here will help you and many others to increase many potential dimensions of Bible knowledge while serving others in love.” With Depth by Drama he invites you to join him on this incredible journey, using the power of theater to spread the gospel and touch lives in a profound way.

Don’t miss out on this essential guide for creating and presenting Bible-based shows. Order your copy of Depth by Drama today!

Michael Merker’s book, Depth by Drama will be available to download for free for five days through July 1, 2023. Depth by Drama has launched with rave reviews. Here’s what just a couple reviewers have said:

Rev. Sharen Long
5 Stars – Making the Bible Alive by Drama

“A unique and timely reading that encourages creativity in understanding, interpreting, and living the Word of God. Michael brings much experience and knowledge of the Bible to the delight of dramatic art. For those who love to see the Bible in a living, moving, dynamic source, this book will challenge you to see the Bible in a modern, life-giving way to portray the beauty of its truths. Highly recommend.”

Dr. Geoffrey Ross Holtz
5 Stars – Great teaching tool

“I think Mr. Merker’s method of evangelism and discipleship is brilliant. He offers to train you to do ministry in a whole new way and gives you everything you need to succeed. While Jesus never put his stories into a stage play, or musical, He was a master storyteller. He drew His listeners into His stories through parables and using everyday kind of illustrations. But He did it in extremely dramatic ways. He sometimes used natural occurrences, like a flood, as a backdrop to teach and train His disciples. This book can help you do exactly the same thing.”


Michael Merker has both a bachelor’s and a master’s of fine arts (BFA/MFA) in acting and directing, from the Goodman School of Drama of the Art Institute of Chicago (now the Theatre School at DePaul University). After working for years as a professional actor, director, stage manager, and musician, he went on to write, direct, and perform Bible-based plays in church and parachurch settings. He enjoys playing guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums on worship teams. He’s been married over forty-four years to his wife, Linda. Together they homeschooled their six children, and they now have ten grandchildren. He currently resides in the Puget Sound area.

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