How to find peace in a world of social media overload

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As women, we are all watching each other. We are scrolling, liking, friending and following. We are comparing ourselves to other women, those who seem to have ‘made it’.

The women who appear to have it all together: those who have the right look, the perfect family, the great job, and the amazing home.

We are buying into the lies that we are not enough, that we need to try to be more like someone else; that if only we did this or that we would be of more value.

In her third book ‘Behind the Picket Fence – The Lies Women Believe’, Dawn Pryor tackles the many issues that women face, the endless doubts we have about ourselves, and the constant deception that is fed to us by the devil that we will never have it all together and our lives will always be less than what they could be.

Dawn is well versed to write this book, as she was one of those women. She has known the hardship of watching others and feeling disappointed, of comparing her life to those who seemingly walk in the full favour of God, while she seemed to be on the outside of His blessing.

Yet, she also knows that this is nothing more than a lie. She understands that God has created each woman as unique, as special in their own way. She knows that each family situation is different and that God has given varied talents and gifts to each of us. That His love for us is not based on what we do, or what we have, but rather on our heart towards Him and towards others.

Dawn grew up in a family that moved many times. She moved towns, states and countries. She knew what it was to always be the new girl, the one who had to try harder than anyone else to fit in. The one who needed to be smarter, funnier and prettier. Dawn knew what it was like to look over the picket fence and wish she was living the dream life of someone else.

But we never know the truth of what goes on in the life and homes of others. We don’t know the depth of hurt or heartbreak that other girls may be facing. We don’t always see the full story, no matter how great the exterior might look.

As you read through this book, Dawn will remind you that you are not alone in your up and down life, in your wishing that things were different, and in your desire to ‘have it all’. She will point you back to the one truth and the only thing that really matters: that God loves you more than you can possibly know. He thinks you are incredible; He sees you as more than your career, more than your looks, more than your money. God sees you.

Dawn has been a Christian for 38 years and in that time she has walked in the bounty of God’s grace. She has known many mountaintop experiences, but has also found herself walking through the valleys of life. She writes from the heart of a woman who knows how you feel.

Dawn is also the author of ‘Hope Faith Truth’ a Christian devotional, and the illustrated children’s book ‘I Could be Anything’. She is also the founder of Island Rest and Restore, a small group women’s retreat that allows girls of all ages to get away and hear the small, still whisper of God.

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