How to Get Organized God’s Way and How Our Relationship with Clutter Reflects Our Relationship with God

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In a study conducted by NAPO (the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals), 80 percent of the items the average person holds on to are never used.*

Even with the abundance of how-to books and advice on organizing, many still struggle to deal with clutter.

Eileen Koff, a Certified Professional Organizer, says there is a spiritual component involved. In a new release, Get Organized God’s Way (Redemption Press), she says, “A disorganized life can put God at a distance because of all the distractions that disorder creates, and the temptation to love and treasure those things rather than God.” Get Organized God’s Way teaches how to break free from false beliefs that keep you in bondage to your possessions, and make peaceful places where we can nurture intimacy with God.

In Get Organized God’s Way, the award-winning organizing professional unveils the lies and misconceptions about disorganization that keep many in darkness and disarray. She sheds light on God’s plan to bring His order into our chaos so we can experience His purpose for our lives, as well as prioritize our gifts and talents to serve others.

“Anyone who has ever tried to get organized knows it can be tough,” Koff says. “Unlike other books filled with hints, tips, and methods that work for everyone else but you, this study will reveal God’s plan for living an orderly life. Once you understand how to get organized God’s way, He will light your path to a new freedom from your present chaos.”

Passionate about teaching the joys of leading an orderly life, Eileen Koff says her greatest delight is witnessing the transforming power of God’s Word in those she serves. In Get Organized God’s Way, she reveals a plan to not only transform your spaces but be transformed by the Word of God.



Eileen Koff is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®), former member and publication chair of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), and founder of her professional organizing company, To The Next Level, and ministry, Eileen Koff Ministries. Eileen holds a Level II Specialist Certificate with the Institute of Challenging Disorganization, and her long-standing emphasis on eco-friendly solutions for her clients led her to receive the Best Green Service award by NAPO-LA in 2013. Eileen proudly served as devotion director and educational director for Faithful Organizers, an online international Christian community of over two hundred professional organizers (2007–2015).

She’s passionate about teaching various groups the joys of leading an orderly life, but her greatest delight is witnessing the transforming power of God’s Word in the lives of those she serves. She lives with her husband Wayne, of over forty years, and they are the proud parents of three adult sons.


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