Imagined Lazarus Memoir Challenges Readers to Contemplate Immortality

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Christians often wonder what God’s plan is for their short time on Earth, and author James Davison explores this question through the lives of the three people resurrected by the Son of God—Lazarus of Bethany, the daughter of Jarius, and the son of the widow from Nain.

I am Lazarus,” published by Wipf and Stock Imprint; Resource Publications follows the trio from AD 33 to just after the crusades as they navigate their way through the ages, eluding a persistent group of zealots who are determined to return them to the grave permanently. This is the first book of a trilogy, told as an imagined memoir. In it, the three discover their resurrections imparted immortality and together, they travel across the centuries, collecting and preserving the words of Jesus Christ.

According to the Book of Mark, Jesus wept at the news that his good friend had passed away. Making his way to the tomb where Lazarus had been placed, Jesus raises him from the dead. Davison picks up the well-documented Biblical story from there, bringing Lazarus together with the two others mentioned in the Bible as having been resurrected by Christ.

Every chapter paints an indelible picture of what the trio of immortals has been doing since ancient times as the mystery of their resurrections deepens. From encounters with the Apostles Paul and John to defending early Christians from Saladin’s Army, the three persevere throughout the years, never aging but always struggling to understand the reason for their continued existence. All the while praying that their work finds favor with God.

“Davison has brilliantly and inventively brought Christianity’s formative moments to life,” said award-winning author Scot M. Faulkner. “His keen eye for detail and well-crafted characters make this a must-read for anyone interested in Christianity’s formative moments.”

About James Davison
James Davison, author, and songwriter has traveled the world for his work in television news, politics, public relations, and law enforcement. He has dined with presidents, preachers, and prisoners. He draws on his many adventures, experiences, and relationships to craft his stories. He has written four books, the speculative fiction thriller “Trinity 3.11,” “Bottom Feeder,” a serial killer mystery set in the bayous of rural Louisiana in 1974, “I Am Lazarus,” and “I Am Sarah.”

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