Insightful devotional equips you to live your God story fully

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Eve walked with God. Miriam faced her oppressors with confidence. Mary trusted God’s kindness with her life. Priscilla defied cultural expectations to share God’s truth. What is your story?

Every woman has a story. Our lives are filled with the stories of ordinary women who are, every day, doing extraordinary things for God. And so is the Bible!

Since a young age, Jodie Chiricosta, Vice President of Somebody Cares America/International, has been inspired and encouraged in her faith by stories of how God has worked in the lives of those around her and those who have gone before us. She is also passionate about living the Gospel by helping those facing difficult circumstances, especially widows and orphans.

When two missionary husbands were killed in a plane crash in Haiti in 2021 leaving behind their widows and children, Jodie personally responded by sending support for their families. But the burden for others in similar circumstances remained. The Lord reminded her how together, as the body of Christ, we can do so much more.

In obedience to His prompting, Jodie launched the Her God Story podcast in 2022 to share stories of godly women today who have seen God work in, for, and through their lives, while raising up a company of women who together help widows who have served the Lord and orphans worldwide in their distress. Each episode builds listeners up in their faith and gives them opportunity to live their faith!

The desire to encourage others to dig deeper into stories of women in the Bible and to share insights on how to apply the transformative truths gleaned from the Bible in their own lives grew out of the podcast. And the Her God Story 12-Week Devotional was born. Not only it is a valuable and insightful discipleship tool, but all revenue from the sale of the books goes to support the Somebody Cares Widow and Orphan Fund.

In the Her God Story 12-Week Devotional, Jodie Chiricosta and five of her podcast guests explore stories of women in the Bible, sharing transparently how God has used these stories in their lives and offering practical insights for others. This devotional is designed to draw readers into the lives of women spoken of in God’s Word so they can hear the truths He is revealing through their stories.

“We examine the lives of a number of women in Scripture, all the way from Eve to Mary and women of the early Church,” Jodie says. “There is so much we can learn as we relate to their successes, challenges, and even their failures. Our prayer is for each reader to encounter truth that will set her free to be all God wants her to be!”

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