List Your Book

As books are now sold predominantly online, authors need as many ways to point traffic to their book as is possible. Exposure is key, and the more people that learn about your book, the better your chances of selling copies.

Faith Reading is therefore aimed at helping Christian authors connect with a large, global Christian audience. Faith Reading is part of Christian media group, Initiate Media, and as such not only attracts a lot of traffic from around our network, but is heavily promoted on the following three editorial websites: 

Any Christian author, anywhere in the world, can list their book on Faith Reading. It is just $39 per listing, and your book is never removed from our website, which is also good for search engine optimization. So it’s a one-off fee that lasts forever. 

You can also list your image and profile, which will then be featured across all the different books you may publish and upload. 

Greater exposure – greater sales
We want to help you get your book in front of Christian readers, which will lead to more sales. 

Build your profile
As part of your listing, you get to add in your image, your bio, as well as your social media links. We want to help you build your profile, which makes it easier to sell future books. 

Submit a news release
if you’ve written a release about your book, had an interview completed, or you have a worthy review, you can submit this to us for publishing. Simply email it to Please note that we only accept news releases, interviews and articles from authors who are already listed on Faith Reading. 

For greater exposure, send your press release via Faith Newswire
As part of the Initiate Media group, we can also get you a massive amount of exposure for your new book via Faith Newswire. Faith Newswire allows you to publish a release, which is then published to, and In addition, your press release is e-blasted to 10,000 media contacts within the U.S and globally. 

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