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Do you have any decisions to make? Do you want to seek God’s help in making those decisions? Would you find it helpful to journal the biblical process by which you make decisions?

Would you like to have a keepsake to tangibly testify to God’s faithfulness when you sought Him in those times of need? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this journal is for you! Previews are available on Amazon.

My Bible Decision-Making Journal© will guide you through and chronicle a step-by-step biblical process to make decisions in your life. You will find My Bible Decision-Making Journal© to be a treasure as you reflect on the past entries you made.

Additionally, you will be able to tangibly testify to the faithfulness of God to His Word in your life and the decisions you made when you sought Him. This journal is robust enough to process fifty-two decisions based on the word of God. It is a must have for any follower of Jesus Christ who wants to be intentional about being a doer of the word.

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Rhodas Gladness at email

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