Nathaniel Sullivan’s eagerly awaited book, Heed the Pilgrims on Socialism and Critical Race Theory, now available

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Nathaniel Sullivan’s eagerly awaited book, Heed the Pilgrims on Socialism and Critical Race Theory, is now available from Bedrock Foundations Press, a subsidiary of Bedrock Foundations Media, and A beautifully crafted book, Heed the Pilgrims masterfully refutes the cultural narratives that the members of the Plymouth Colony stole the land on which they built their settlement and treated the neighboring Native American tribes with contempt.

According to Dr. Mark Coppenger, retired professor of Christian philosophy and ethics, “In Heed the Pilgrims,…B. Nathaniel Sullivan’s succinct and lucid treatment of Scripture’s teaching on gratitude is enough to embarrass those who find CRT even somewhat charming, and his application of the timeless lessons in economics that surfaced at the Plymouth Plantation from 1621-1623 should set folks fleeing from the siren song of the Left.”

Rigorously and thoroughly researched with commentary and complete with photos and illustrations throughout, this book contains insights rarely emphasized. Chapter 1 offers a reliable paraphrase of William Bradford’s account of the Pilgrims’ failed, two-year experiment in socialism; and chapters 2 and 3 explore the power of gratitude and faith in God to build character and to enable people to relate well with others — even individuals and groups very different from them.

To summarize, Heed the Pilgrims examines the struggles the Plymouth settlers endured, the relationships they forged in the New World, and their in-depth and abiding faith in the God of the Bible. Yet, as valuable as these observations are, the book goes even further — because knowing and understanding the historical record offers a golden opportunity to warn against and reject today’s misleading cultural narratives surrounding Thanksgiving and its origins.

“In Heed the Pilgrims, I showcase historical events and allow history itself to present the Pilgrims as a stellar example for modern Americans on how to establish and maintain ordered liberty and freedom,” remarks Mr. Sullivan. “Their example offers critical and irrefutable lessons on the futility of Marxist ideologies like socialism and CRT.”

The author writes and blogs regularly about cultural issues from a biblical perspective at; and he designs and posts original Bible studies at his second website, While Heed the Pilgrims is Nathaniel’s first published book, it represents just one of several journeys during which he explores the testimony of history and its validation of timeless biblical truths.

Nathaniel Sullivan has experience in vocational church staff ministry and served as an editor at a major Bible study curriculum publisher for more than 17 years. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wingate University in North Carolina, and Master of Arts in Religious Education and Master of Divinity degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He now heads Bedrock Foundations Media, a publisher dedicated to promoting and presenting foundational truths to members of every generation.

Heed the Pilgrims on Socialism and Critical Race Theory is available at in both softcover and Kindle editions.

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