New book helps children discover their inner superhero

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A new children’s book is an imaginative tale about dreaming big and believing in yourself.

Arya’s Flying Dreams was originally conjured up as a bedtime story for the author’s nephew and two sons to inspire them to believe that anything is possible. A few years later and whilst on maternity leave with her daughter, her eldest son encouraged her to write the book.

Arya’s Flying Dreams is a fresh perspective on taking good risks, because that is where the real discoveries are made and resilience is born. With the help of nutrition and rest to boost the mind and body with energy, anything is possible.

“What started as nothing more than a dream saw the seeds of my first children’s book planted and my publishing journey begun. Thanks to my encouraging husband, the great people at Ark House Kids and the visionary illustrator, Valerie Bouthyette, this book is now a wonderful dream come true.”

In this beautiful children’s book, Arya dreams about flying. Like a bird, like a plane or like Superman! Can he make his dreams come true? Even though he fails to fly time and time again, he doesn’t give up. With his mum’s encouragement, Arya keeps inventing and learns to have fun along the way!

About the Author:

Dawn is passionate about reading and writing meaningful stories whilst raising her three kids, together with her husband in Melbourne, Australia. Dawn is a member of Writer’s Victoria and writes regularly on her blog, and on She aspires to empower parents with insights to have fun connecting creatively with their kids.

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