New book helps Christians rediscover how to Live Missionally Beyond Sunday

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What is the mission of God in the world and what is my part in it? Both the answer and the value of this question are made evident by means of a dose of “rabbinic rhetoric”: What does a barista and a missionary have common?

Work is a sacred ordinance, and God intends for your vocation, your work, to be coupled with mission— God has called all believers, those who are “in Christ” by grace, through faith, to couple their daily work and lives with God’s mission: “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do,” Eph. 2:10.

The Greek term translated “handiwork” means “he has made us what we are.” God has blessed you with gifts, talents, skills, and passion to do the work you love— e.g., mechanic, welder, teacher, construction, custodian, farmer, logger, physician, grocery clerk, lawyer, nurse, bank teller, business owner, police officer, marine, soldier, airman, sailor, writer, musician, artist, and, of course, barista!

And God created you “in Christ” (you are a new creation) to do good works, which God “prepared in advance,” that is, before “the creation of the world” — “The good works of the righteous are the work and gift of God.” Therefore, every believer is to involve themselves “… in the eternal purposes of God in the world to redeem it to Himself, to sum up all things to Himself in Christ Jesus” (Alan Hirsch).

For the creation ordinance of work to possess ultimate purpose, passion and an abiding sense of mission, believers must transform their vocation into a missional vocation— A barista and a missionary are biblically called to be one in the same person! If the church is going to be revived, and make disciples at home and throughout the earth, in obedience to Jesus Christ in whom all “authority in heaven and on earth has been given,” the church must rediscover her Missionary Identity— This is the primary purpose of the book you hold in your hand, Living Missionally Beyond Sunday, “and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

“He is an able and attractive man of God who knows and loves evangelical theological truth; who can think, handling ideas and arguments with clarity and precision; and who can teach, verbalizing and illustrating very straightforwardly.”
The Late, Dr. James I. Packer, Professor of Theology, Regent College

Kerry McRoberts is a husband, father, grandfather, and above all, a covenant child of God by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. “Mac” (a nickname since his service in the United States Air Force) has served the purpose of the kingdom of God as an academic dean, professor, pastor, apologist, author, guest lecturer, speaker/preacher, and participant in paradigm studies on five continents.

Mac has conducted numerous conferences on cults, the occult, and pagan spirituality, and participated in debates, e.g., New Age, occult, cults, and social ethical issues. He has presented lectures and published on apologetics, social-ethics, theology, and missional congregations in the context of postmodern, post-postmodern, neo-pagan, socialist, and neo-Marxist cultures.

Mac’s pastoral career spans thirty-five years, and his teaching/academic career exceeds twenty-five years. He has authored five books, and coauthored three books (at present, Mac is working on his sixth book, a cultural apologetic confronting Western Civilization’s Marxist “Woke” invasion).

“This is not a refined academic treatise or a simplistic pop culture work. It is an enthusiastic exploration and unearthing of the biblical and empirical clarity we need to go forward in this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous) world we are in. When all of God’s people are on mission in all of life – especially their daily work – we can expect significant kingdom progress. All of the chapters have the unrefined freshness of Mac’s humble inquiry and his ability to distill so much information in one place.”
Dr. Charlie Self

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