New book helps readers press forward in their own personal spiritual journey to full freedom

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Derek Mason’s book, “Embracing Our Full Victory in Christ: The Journey from Darkness to Light”, is now available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback and Kindle, and provides comprehensive, easy to understand and immediately applicable tools to equip readers to press forward in their own personal spiritual journey to full freedom in Christ.

“Derek’s book meets you right where you are. If you are hungry and thirsty for truth, there is an abundance of riches to be found in this teaching and ministry. “­‑‑ Kathy Kvam

Published by Identity In Christ Media “Embracing Our Full Victory in Christ: The Journey from Darkness to Light” is a deeply informative exposition on the essential yet neglected ministry of Christian spiritual warfare. It is a thought and faith provoking, Bible-based, detailed account describing what is involved, and what it means, to confront and overcome the influences of the demonic. Tragically, too often the church does not acknowledge the power and influence of demonic power.  This problem prevents the believer from achieving full victory in Christ which is, as the author maintains, not only possible but achievable.

But the author doesn’t stop there! He gives focused attention to Christian discipleship counseling which utilizes effective tools to assist a counselee in plugging into the power of the Holy Spirit. The book shows how both deliverance and counseling elements contribute to enduring freedom from darkness; and further explains how effective spiritual warfare is a battle of both the spirit and the mind.

Based upon the author’s extensive study of the Scriptures and his vast experience in confronting the powers of darkness, this book serves as a guide written from the trenches rather than the ivory tower. Including powerful insights, biblical rationale, and much more, it also offers a litany of testimonies from people who describe their struggles, bondage, and subsequent time-tested freedom as God moves through the author to bring healing.


Charles G. Panosian Cpl. USMC – As a Marine combat Veteran, experiencing war in the jungles of Vietnam, I can say the trauma doesn’t stop when one returns from duty. Personally, I have experienced pent up anger and what the Veteran’s Hospital calls “hyper vigilance.”

Derek Mason has walked with me in spiritual guidance as I personally dealt with many of the mentioned issues above. His in-depth use of Bible wisdom and healing knowledge has reached me like no drug or psychotherapy could begin to do. As a Marine combat veteran, I hope this book reaches many struggling veterans because it is desperately needed. I highly recommend this book to help heal the deep wounds of trauma in war.

Lauren Silver – I would absolutely recommend Derek’s deliverance ministry and spiritual warfare training! If you are someone who desires to help others, this knowledge is invaluable. I am very grateful to have been led to it so that I can learn how to use this knowledge to help others.

Tyler Krizan  I have taken Derek’s class twice now and feel his teachings are very biblically sound. The deliverance process is 100% based on the power and trust in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to deliver a person from darkness. It is only through His power and will that these processes are able to be effective and genuinely heal people.  I’ve witnessed it personally alongside Derek as I participated in two of his deliverances as a “seer.” I have also performed a deliverance myself and absolutely approve and agree with the knowledge and teachings Derek provides in this book. I recommend this book to ANYONE with demonic issues or concerns. It will open your eyes to a world not many know still exists and show you how to use this knowledge to help others. It is a source which is desperately needed in these dark days.

Embracing our Full Victory” is available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle on Amazon . or visit :

About the author
Pastor Derek Mason is the founder and president of “Identity In Christ, Inc.” and “Identity In Christ Media.” Since 2013, Pastor Mason has successfully guided many hundreds of people in spiritual warfare and Christian counseling in addition to his ministry as a pastor. His techniques utilize a robust and biblically grounded system which continually proves to free people from the power of darkness. He has a Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL, is a certified Enneagram administrator, and is a member of the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC). His prior professional tenure includes over twelve years’ business experience in successful and effective leadership training as well as team building, development, and duplication.

He offers deliverance counseling sessions (by appointment only) where his deliverance team meets with individuals to assist in freeing them from spiritual oppression. He also provides deliverance team training for churches to develop deliverance teams of their own.

Please contact Derek Mason at: or call 608-425-8620

His office location is in Mt Horeb, WI

For speaking engagements or bulk purchases: contact Carl Dobrowolski

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