New book highlights the lasting impact of intentional parenting

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Anastasia Corbin grew up in a family of eight children, and craved parental attention as a young girl. The desire to have a close family, and to give kids a deep sense of belonging, stuck with her into her adult years. That passion motivated her to become an elementary school teacher and a parenting-book author.

Her most recent book, Becoming an Intentional Family (Redemption Press), is a practical resource to help Christian parents become intentional about cultivating relationships within the family. She says the investment of time and attention by parents will reap lasting benefits for children.

While the book gives practical ideas for ways to demonstrate love and care, perhaps the most critical measuring stick it highlights is time and attention. For many families, the obvious time to slow down and be together is mealtime. A study for the Food Marketing Institute Foundation* found, on average, only about half of dinners are now family meals.

Corbin says mealtime can provide an invaluable opportunity for making a lasting impact. “Research shows that regular family dinners help lower risks of smoking, drug use, eating disorders, and sexual activity. School-age children who experience a regular family dinner are also more likely to succeed in school.”

The former educator and now active blogger says the key for carving out time for sitting down together is scheduling. “Start with one day a week, such as Sunday,” she says. Corbin advocates making a simple meal, getting takeout or having a pizza delivered. “The key is being together, not stressing over cooking a gourmet meal.”

Becoming an Intentional Family explores the areas of family, marriage, parenting, home, and outreach. This helpful resource highlights new ways for parents to give their children the gift of belonging, and ideas to shape the family, create meaningful memories, and build self-confidence and security.


Anastasia Corbin loves to encourage others to live a life anchored in Jesus. She is also passionate about family life and helping children feel they belong. After earning a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, Anastasia taught for six years before her first child was born. She now manages the home while blogging and providing resources that encourage overwhelmed moms to prioritize faith, family, and themselves.

The author of Becoming an Intentional Family and co-author of When the Bases are Loaded: Encouragement for Moms to Hit a Grand Slam in Life lives in northern Indiana with her husband Jonathan and their four children. When she is not writing, Anastasia enjoys digging into God’s word, singing on the Worship Team, and reading while sipping on iced coffee. Connect with her at

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