New book inspires Christians to press on in hope, despite the darkness surrounding us

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To walk calmly through a world in chaos and cross confidently to the other side may sound a little like a Sci Fi movie plot. Many strident voices promise a pathway through the rising waters, but exactly where is that pathway leading?

In the midst of the above author Carol Goode carves a path of hope using Biblical Scriptures and personal illustrations drawn from her life’s experiences in her powerful new book, Press On In Hope.

Press On In Hope offers good news. It aims to encourage us to walk confidently with the One who has already successfully crossed, and now stands victorious, on the other side.

In God alone we find strength and direction as we align ourselves to His plan. Through the guidance of the Holy spirit and His written Word, a safe passage is guaranteed. However, it is a passage not without its challenges. Indeed, the rising waters may give cause for fear and uncertainty but, He promises to carry us through when our own strength is failing.

Carol’s Theological training, along with her counselling and life’s experiences, move like a thread through her own lessons in life, including both her failures and successes. These are shared with humor and honesty while deftly tied off with the challenge to both watch and wait until He returns, as the book of Matthew explains.

“The tension between being ‘religious’ and ‘ Spirit led’ challenges the reader to press into God’s promises and press on in hope, ensuring we are not deceived,” says Carol. “How easy to become distracted and ignore the still small voice. To walk and work for Him instead of with Him.

“Perhaps God is stirring your heart to get rid of fear and walk in faith? The very first step is to get out of the boat! The Lord of the storm bids us focus on Him and not the waves.”

Carol warns the reader of the creeping New World view bent on drip-feeding us with fear and fake. She exhorts us to be more than spectators.

“To fight the good fight in the arena of faith takes courage,” she says. “The clock cannot be turned back. We are now in fast forward. As the world gets darker, Christians must walk in the light as He is in the light-while yet that light still shines-is our greatest challenge. To recognize we are saved by grace and grace alone humbles and strengthens us in the face of opposition.

“Be encouraged. The good shepherd of our souls has already gone before. He knows the path. More importantly He knows us by name and promises that all who call upon His name will be guided safely to the other side to be with Him forever.”

The themes grace and hope in Carol’s aptly titled book Press On In Hope will both challenge and encourage the reader to settle for nothing less than God’s best. Press On In Hope, published by Ark House, is now available globally.

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