New book looks at finding God’s way to healing and forgiveness

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How does a damaged, wounded, hurting heart accept radical love and forgiveness? Through the power of Christ. According to Reboot Recovery, a person’s trauma doesn’t make a person too damaged for Christ to relate to, and “there is no one better equipped to take on the burden of trauma than Jesus.”*

Author Pete Cruz grew up in a volatile relationship with his father. Careening through life, he launched into a successful outward life, education, career, and marriage but had walled off his painful childhood memories. After becoming a father, he wanted to give his daughter everything in life he never had, rarely missing school events, providing for her material needs, and never raising a hand to her.

Pete thought he was doing pretty good. Until he heard his daughter say that she was never “good enough.” Those words triggered all those buried memories and invited Pete on a path of self-discovery, forgiveness, and healing. Because he wanted better for his daughter—and he didn’t want her to grow up to be like him.

No Tears for Dad: My Path to Forgiveness covers the spectrum of difficult subjects—depression, anger, PTSD, psychological and physical abuse, chronic pain, abandonment and neglect. In an honest, loving, and empowering spirit, Cruz shares his own experiences of anguish, hardship, and hopelessness on his rocky road to forgiveness and a life-giving relationship with Christ.

Cruz says, “I want my book to reach whomever God wants it to reach.” Whether his book is meant for one person today or for someone generations from now, he hopes his story will extend to readers the victorious healing that Christ abundantly offers.


Pete Cruz was raised in Milpitas, California, a town adjacent to San Jose. He holds a bachelor’s in English from California State University, Sacramento. A member of Inspire Christian Writers and the California Writers Club–Sacramento, he has won awards for his short stories, served on the editing team for Inspire’s annual anthologies, and presented talks and workshops during his professional career. Pete enjoys cruiser motorcycles, water volleyball, dancing, and watching football and basketball. Visit

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