New Book Offers a Nostalgic Journey Back to the Heart of Faith and Community

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In an age where the hustle and bustle of modern life often leaves little room for reflection, Karla Byrd’s debut book comes as a breath of fresh air, inviting readers on a journey back to the roots of faith, family, and community. This heartfelt memoir, titled “Rooted in My Faith: The Church of My Childhood” (Redemption Press), provides a warmhearted look into the author’s childhood church experiences, offering a poignant reminder of the simpler times that shaped her life and faith.

Karla Byrd transports readers to the church of her youth, nestled in the heart of East Texas, where every service was a family reunion, and faith was lived out with joy and fervor. Through her vivid memories, she paints a picture of a community where the church doors were always open, welcoming everyone to partake in the celebration of life’s milestones together.

As readers turn the pages, they will find themselves napping on old wooden pews under handmade shawls, turning the rustling pages of hymnals, and savoring the taste of covered dishes at dinner-on-the-grounds Sundays. Byrd’s evocative storytelling not only brings to life the richness of her childhood church’s traditions but also underscores the timeless value of faith, fellowship, and the support system that nurtured her growing up.

Rooted in My Faith” is more than just a memoir; it is an invitation to readers to delve into their own memories and rediscover the depth of their faith and the bonds of their community. Each chapter concludes with journal pages, encouraging readers to document their own spiritual journey and legacy, making this book a cherished keepsake for generations to come.

In a world craving connection and authenticity, Karla Byrd’s “Rooted in My Faith” offers a much-needed reminder of the power of faith and community to sustain and enrich our lives. This book is a must-read for anyone yearning to reconnect with their spiritual roots and find solace in the enduring values of love, fellowship, and support.

Karla Byrd’s “Rooted in My Faith: The Church of My Childhood” will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days, Tuesday, April 16 through April 20, 2024. “Rooted in My Faith” is rated 5 stars by those who purchased and reviewed the book. Here’s what just a couple of the reviewers have said:

Amy B. Rode
5 Stars Love this life
“Karla’s book reminds us of how it is so important to share your story with those you love. Memories shared from generation to generation are so important. God is great and this book reminds us how blessed we are.”

Alaina Strait
5 Stars Such a Heartfelt Book!
“This book is one of the most heartfelt books I have read in a long time. I love how the stories from her past are interwoven with the present moments of today. I have such great memories from my childhood being raised in small country church and this book provided such sweet memories for me to reflect on and remember. I also love the space provided at the end of every chapter that allows me the space to journal my own memories and the words that are being spoken to my heart today. This is a wonderful book to read and can be easily used as a daily devotional. I highly recommend this book. You will not be disappointed.”

Karla Byrd is a business owner alongside her husband, Matthew, a U.S. Air Force veteran. Her Christian gift and bookstore, the Byrd’s Nest, is in the antique district of Gladewater, Texas, known as the Antique Capital of East Texas. She enjoys photography, documenting the lives of others, talking to antique hunters from all over the world who come to her store, road tripping, and visiting small town America’s other small businesses.

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