New Book on Christian Discipleship in biblical lands inspires faith

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In The World of the Word, author J. Daniel Fennell takes his readers on an eyewitness journey across the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean lands where the biblical story was born.

Beginning in the land of Moab in modern Jordan, the pathos and promise of God’s Old and New Testament peoples’ faith comes alive in readers as they discover how real history and redemptive hope merge. Ancient stories of men and women who trusted in God are made contemporary to modern life as Daniel Fennell guides us expertly through places of significant importance to Christian discipleship,

Travelling east to west – from Jordan, through Israel, into Turkey and Greece – vivid descriptions of faith expressed in places of conflict and conquest help readers gain deeper insight into the importance of place in Christian pilgrimage. Walking with Israel through the wilderness to Canaan; following Jesus and his disciples from Capernaum to Jerusalem; and partnering with Paul on his Mediterranean mission – in this book the historical reality of the biblical story unfolds before your eyes, inviting you on a journey to discover fellowship, adventure and joy in following Jesus.

A former missionary to Indonesia and a ten-year traveller and teacher in bible lands, if there’s one thing author Daniel Fennell understands it is the need for those who courageously follow Jesus to rediscover confidence in the historical truth of God’s word and experience its transforming power.

Daniel Fennell’s ministry has spanned more than 30 years – teaching Indonesian language, serving as a missionary in Indonesia for over two decades, and more recently pastoring a church in South Australia. Daniel writes for believers and seekers alike who are searching for meaning through a faith encounter with Jesus by reading the Bible.

In his powerful book, devout pilgrims and curious seekers alike are helped to reconnect Christian faith to its historical foundations as the reality of the biblical story unfolds before their eyes. Throughout this discipleship adventure, you will be inspired to walk into the future, having discovered the challenge, fellowship and joy of following Jesus.

Daniel and his wife Diane live in Adelaide, Australia  and have three children. He passionately supports Australian Rules Football and he is an avid reader and traveller.

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