New Book Unveils the Heart of the Bible in a Captivating Narrative

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Ren Vandesteeg’s, “The Bible is Easier to Understand Than You May Think,” serves as an essential guide for those eager to explore the depths of biblical truth.

Vandesteeg masterfully outlines the Bible’s entire narrative, from Creation to Revelation, emphasizing God’s enduring plan of redemption. Through timelines, illustrations, and thought-provoking study questions, he makes the complex layers of the Bible accessible and relatable to both seasoned believers and curious seekers.

Learn how every part of the Bible, from the Old Testament prophets to the New Testament’s portrayal of the Holy Spirit’s work, points to Jesus as the main character and message of the Bible. Each chapter concludes with study questions, making the book an ideal resource for both individual reflection and group discussion.

The Bible is Easier to Understand Than You May Think” is more than a book; it is an invitation to discover the relentless love of God and the redemption He offers to humankind through Jesus Christ. It is an invitation to explore the Bible in a fresh, engaging, and illuminating way.

Available now for anyone who seeks to connect with the heart of God’s Word, Vandesteeg’s narrative promises to enrich personal faith journeys and enlighten group studies, drawing readers closer to the God of the Bible.

Ren Vandesteeg’s The Bible is Easier to Understand Than You May Think” will be available for download for free on Amazon for 5 days from May 7, 2024 through May 11, 2024. The Bible is Easier to Understand Than You May Think” is highly rated by those who have purchased the book. Here’s what just two of the reviewers have said:

“The Bible is Easier to Understand Than you May Think by Ren Vandesteeg is an easy-to-understand walkthrough of the greatest story ever told. Whether you are a new believer or a seasoned Bible student, this book provides a glorious walkthrough of God’s redemptive plan comprised in the Bible. It
draws out the key moments and teaching in scripture to paint a picture of God’s complete and redemptive work…”
Shawn J
5 Stars –  It’s true, the Bible is easier to understand than you may think.

“I started reading Ren’s book at night and found myself pulled in as I finished it the next morning. I found the book to be an easy read, engaging and very understandable. Ren’s writing style with his personal life stories really drew me in from the start to the finish. Take your time reading and read the final chapter 35 – Now What? more than one time so that you will understand your marching orders as you are led by Holy Spirit. I believe this book by Ren will be a springboard for many to dig into the Truth of the Bible.”
Freedom seeker
5 Stars – Start Reading!

About the Author
Ren Vandesteeg has a BA in religion and theology, an MDiv, and an MA in Christian education, and is ordained with the Christian Reformed Church in North America. In his fifty-five years in ministry, which includes pastoral and prison ministry, he spent twenty-five years as a US Air Force military chaplain throughout the Unites States, in Japan, Germany, France, Italy, British Indian Ocean territory, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. Serving as chief of personnel assignments for the US Air Force Chaplain Corps, he enabled 665 chaplains ministering around the world in various cultures. He and his wife, Carol, of fifty-three years, have two adult sons and two daughters-in-law and live in San Antonio, Texas.

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