New children’s book helps children in embracing their differences

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In an era when understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity is more important than ever, author Erin Geddes steps forward with her compelling new children’s book, “And That’s Okay: I’m Wired Differently.” Through powerful visual storytelling, Geddes guides readers into the vibrant and often misunderstood world of neurodiverse kids, illuminating their struggles, their unique coping mechanisms, and their grace in embracing their differences.

Born from her personal experiences of being on the spectrum, Geddes’ work aims to show young readers, and adults alike, that being different is not only okay but something to be celebrated. “I am who I am, for this I am certain. I wouldn’t want to be any other kind of person,” the book reads, sending a powerful message of self-acceptance and awareness.

“And That’s Okay: I’m Wired Differently” provides an invaluable resource for families, educators, and communities seeking to understand and support neurodiverse individuals. It invites readers to view the world through a different lens, fostering empathy and respect for those whose experiences may diverge from the norm.

“And That’s Okay: I’m Wired Differently” is a celebration of neurodiversity and resilience, a testament to the beauty of seeing the world differently, and most importantly, a reminder that being different is more than okay.

“And That’s Okay: I’m Wired Differently” will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days beginning on March 12, 2024. “And That’s Okay: I’m Wired Differently” is highly rated by those who have purchased and written a review of the book. Here’s what a couple of the reviewers have said:

Daniel Thibodeau
5 stars
Diversity & Inclusion

“I liked how the author exemplified diversity and inclusion as a child would understand. Neuro diverse individuals are highlighted as the main characters, which is a much needed cultural movement. We are ok.”

Stephanie Bradburry
5 stars
Accepting of all kinds of behavior and that’s okay

“I work with children and have a child with sensory processing disorder, this book lets everyone know that being ourselves is okay! I love it!”

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Instagram: @and_thats_okay_book

About the author
Erin Geddes has used her way of looking at the world to communicate creatively, professionally, and personally using striking visuals married with copywriting. She sees life differently, and she thinks that’s okay. Her children see the world differently, and that’s okay. Her mission is to support all different kinds of families and their kids to be okay with viewing the world just a little bit differently, as it’s what gives us reasons to celebrate. Her children’s book And That’s Okay: I’m Wired Differently celebrates the vibrant, silent world of neurodivergent kids and their loved ones. Erin enjoys fine woodworking, photography, and many other creative mediums the wind may blow her to while living in the Midwest.

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