New devotional will help you understand God’s blessing in your life

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A new devotional book Living with Purpose, has just been released and is aimed at unlocking the blessing of God on the lives of the readers.

Dawn Barrie’s Living with Purpose, which essentially takes one through her life with God, including both the cliff tops and the valleys, will encourage readers in their walk of faith.

From having written encouragement verses and words to her family and friends over many years, as well as having journaled incidents in her walk with God, she decided to put her words into devotions for her family as a legacy, inspiring each to know that they too could have a fulfilled relationship with Jesus. Her desire is that long after she is gone, her family will still be blessed by her words.

Having achieved this, she realized that her words could help far more people if released to the outside world. Upon contacting publishers and being successful in securing a publishing contract with Ark House, she says that she realized that she could help many others.

Dawn grew up in a Christian home on a farm, where she learnt love and understanding in her life, whilst also knowing what it meant to work hard and achieve her goals, making her a resilient, determined and independent person. She accepted Christ as her Saviour in her teenage years and at 15 started working, firstly as a private secretary before becoming a nurse until she got married.

She says, “My husband and I were a team and supported each other in everything we did for 53 years, before he passed away. He always allowed me to follow my goals and encouraged me in everything I did. He would give his opinion, but allowed me to make my own decisions, which he then supported me in.”

Whilst maintaining a busy career in different fields of employment and ministry, the church has always remained a big part of her life. She has been involved in church leadership in the fields of children’s ministry, women’s ministry, working with youth and often speaking at functions. Today she is still actively involved in the church.

Dawn says, “Each experience and challenge in life has taught me the importance of spending time in God’s presence every day, from which I have gained wisdom and encouragement to enrich others. I am truly humbled that God led me to write these words for Him.”

Living with Purpose has been written from Dawn’s lifelong experiences of learning to listen and follow what God’s Word teaches and will help you experience the joy of having a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. God wants each person to live in freedom, walking in His perfect love, so that our fears no longer torment us, as His love drives out all fear.

These devotions, having been written in a way that anyone can relate to, giving you wisdom as you apply the truths of God’s Word to experience the infilling of the Holy Spirit more deeply each day. You will find that you want to read them again next year and in years to follow, for God will continue to speak through them to bless your life.

Living with Purpose is now available globally.

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