New Poetry Book “Irish Frost” Available Nationwide

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Author Sean Ewing proudly announces the release of his poetry, “Irish Frost”.

Ewing’s verse delves profoundly into the intricate tapestry of grief, anguish, and heartfelt pleas to God. Though life presents challenges, as disciples of Jesus, we are never isolated in our moments of distress.

About the Book: This entrancing anthology of poetry explores the profound depths of human anguish and the fragile nature of our existence. Yet, it consistently echoes a commitment to faith and a heart full of gratitude towards the Divine.

With evocative verses, the collection mourns life’s inherent sorrows and trials, recognizing the hardships of our temporal journey. But within these shadows, it brilliantly casts rays of enduring hope and deep-seated thankfulness rooted in unwavering faith.

Each poem becomes a mirror of introspection, encouraging readers to reflect on life’s tribulations while nurturing resilience and an enduring trust in God. The book’s succinct and engaging style welcomes readers into a realm of reflection, providing comfort, upliftment, and a refreshed outlook on personal trials.

In essence, this collection is a beacon of hope, emphasizing that even amidst adversity, our unwavering gratitude can anchor us, guiding our hearts towards a deeper recognition of God’s boundless grace and affection.

About the Author Sean Ewing, with three poetic works to his name, combines his rich background in Theology to craft verses that seamlessly intertwine real-life with biblical insights. Readers are treated to a deeply resonant and enlightening journey through his words.

“Irish Frost” is available in paperback and eBook (ISBN: 9781666783612) currently at and online at Amazon and by September 20, 2023.

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