New Release Explores the Identity Question “Who am I?” by First Answering the Question “Who is God?”

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A new release focuses on self-discovery and identity by putting first things first. In Knowing Him, Finding Me (Redemption Press), debut author Rochelle Lefler recommends first finding out who God is and then who He has created us to be.

Lefler, who works with women in university ministry, says first we need an understanding of the characteristics of God before we discover who we were meant to be. “Often women walk in either insecurities or pride. But I pray this book will help women walk in humble confidence—humble before God, yet confident in Him.”

Rochelle Lefler spent many years discipling women one on one and in small group settings. She says, “A lot of our conversations and discussions have provided the content for this book. As I have traveled around the world I’ve come to realize that regardless of religious or national background there are some questions and struggles that are common denominators among women.”

To answer the question, Who is God? Lefler delves into the names of God and biblical truths concerning who He is. She says, by discovering who God is and what He is like through His names and attributes, we come to know Him.

As we do this, we can then learn who we were created to be—forgiven, free, strong, confident, and much more. Knowing Him, Finding Me encourages women to step into their God-given gifting and calling so they can live life to its full potential.

Rochelle Lefler says, “My number one goal is that God would use it to draw people closer to Himself. I also pray that people would be challenged to step out of their comfort zones and recognize the responsibility and calling that God has placed on their lives.”

Designed for seekers and Jesus followers alike, each chapter gives the reader ideas on how to know God better and apply the information to their own lives through Scripture, thoughtful personal reflection questions, and practical applications.

Rochelle Lefler grew up in North Carolina and has traveled extensively in the States and abroad. She has been in ministry more than twenty years, ten of those years serving with her husband, Jake. Rochelle has most recently been involved in university ministry. You can visit her blog at In her free time, she enjoys writing, sharing a cup of tea with friends, playing the piano, and spending time with her husband and four boys.

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