New Release Highlights Serving Cross-Culturally with Humility and Faith

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Natalie Monk went to rural Mozambique as a medical missionary with something to give. In Missionary Ponderances: Learning to Let God be the Answer (Redemption Press), she describes the process of discovering through cross-cultural and personal challenges that she was the learner; she didn’t have all the answers.

While she had the medical training as a pediatric nurse practitioner and resources, she acknowledges she had but a “fraction of the strength, resilience, intelligence, life skills, and selflessness that the Mozambicans around me had.”

As frequent physical illness tested her and ground her down, she faced her own fears and anxieties and confronted prejudice, poverty, sickness, and weakness. Beyond a mere missionary experience, Natalie’s story is a deeply personal account of a young woman who comes to the end of herself, faces her fears in a perfect storm of circumstances, and learns an abiding trust in God, who is enough.

Now a resident of Arizona after seven years in Mozambique, Monk says, “May the white westerners in the church become better at serving humbly and listening closely and learning from those whom we purport to serve, being aware that their grace and acceptance toward others is often greater than our own. May we guard our hearts from judgments and biases that are not in the heart of God.”

For anyone who wants to serve God but struggles with anxiety, self-doubt, and fear of not measuring up, these hard-won realizations will open room for new avenues of grace in hearts. 

Natalie Monk is one of eleven siblings, was homeschooled, and graduated as a nurse at nineteen. She became a pediatric nurse practitioner at twenty-three with the dream of pursuing medical mission work. After seven years spent in Mozambique as a medical missionary working in a rural medical/nutrition clinic that she directed for five years, she is now a resident of the Phoenix area, where she enjoys long walks in nature, bird watching, and playing the piano.

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