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| November 10, 2022

The incredible faith of blind surfer Derek Rabelo told in moving biography

‘If I can do all this and I’m blind, what can you achieve?’ This is a famous quote from Derek Rabelo, a Brazilian blind surfer whose total life is in God’s hands. He is a young man with great courage, inspiration and motivation, and as he releases his new book, I sat down with him to discuss life and faith. Derek was born blind with congenital glaucoma. After three unsuccessful...

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| November 8, 2022

If you’re wanting to start a fresh relationship with God, this book is a must-read.

As Australian woman Nenia Tavrou travelled extensively – both locally and overseas, including working in 12 countries – she noticed many people do not see themselves as clearly as Creator God sees them. Regardless of their past, God values and adores each person for who they are and wants to spend time with them. Yes, this includes you! God sees you as a miracle of great workmanship....

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| November 5, 2022

Author Haley V. Craft shines in debut novella, Happily Even After

Todd and Katie were made for each other—they’d known it in the second grade and were headed for happily ever after . . . until that one fateful day when everything changed, and the letters they’d cherished for years suddenly tore them apart. Heartbroken, hurt, and deeply confused, Todd and Katie went their separate ways. When their careers reunite them seven years later, will they...

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| November 3, 2022

New book highlights the lasting impact of intentional parenting

Anastasia Corbin grew up in a family of eight children, and craved parental attention as a young girl. The desire to have a close family, and to give kids a deep sense of belonging, stuck with her into her adult years. That passion motivated her to become an elementary school teacher and a parenting-book author. Her most recent book, Becoming an Intentional Family (Redemption Press), is a...

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| November 2, 2022

Incredible story of one man’s escape from gangland and crime told in new book

Huw Donaldson was an innocent child from a good background that became the type of person that nobody would have ever expected: a violent and sometimes mindless bikey criminal. Loyal to few, Huw was raised throughout his teenage years by some of New Zealand’s toughest motorcycle gang members and later went on to make shockwaves himself through a life of turbulence and self-destruction. From...

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New book looks at finding God’s way to healing and forgiveness

How does a damaged, wounded, hurting heart accept radical love and forgiveness? Through the power of Christ. According to Reboot Recovery, a person’s trauma doesn’t make a person too damaged for Christ to relate to, and “there is no one better equipped to take on the burden of trauma than Jesus.”* Author Pete Cruz grew up in a volatile relationship with his father. Careening through...

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| October 17, 2022

New memoir shares story of overcoming shame of a father’s suicide

Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the US and has a profound effect on loved ones who are left reeling from the death.* Coping with the death of a loved one due to suicide is said to cause pain that is harder to navigate than if they died by another means.** Television journalist Anderson Cooper, whose brother died by suicide, said, “Try as you might to remember how a person...

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| August 29, 2022

New Book on Christian Discipleship in biblical lands inspires faith

In The World of the Word, author J. Daniel Fennell takes his readers on an eyewitness journey across the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean lands where the biblical story was born. Beginning in the land of Moab in modern Jordan, the pathos and promise of God’s Old and New Testament peoples’ faith comes alive in readers as they discover how real history and redemptive hope merge....

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| August 16, 2022

No Turning Back – the remarkable story of Australian missionary couple to the indigenous

Australian newly-weds, Pearl and Bruce Smoker, at the tender age of twenty-four years, left their families and comfortable lives to build and staff a mission station at Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia in 1951. At that time, missionaries could only live and work amongst the Indigenous Australian people on “missions”, where children and the infirm could live, supported by an inadequate...

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Making Sense of Faith: Stopping to Discover Why Christians Believe What We Believe

Have you ever idly watched the scenery slip away past the carriage windows and then suddenly wondered whether you got on the right train? Are you heading where you want to go in your life?  Author John West, a minister of religion and part-time lecturer, has. Not only that, he has written a book to help Christians to… well, make sense of their faith. In Making Sense of Faith, John asks...

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