Reckless Yes: Exchanging Worldly Ease for God’s Eternal Adventure

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Embracing God’s Eternal Adventure: How Johnna Hensley Turned Adversity into Inspiration

Johnna Hensley is thrilled to announce the release of her debut book, Reckless Yes: Exchanging Worldly Ease for God’s Eternal Adventure.

When Johnna Hensley’s firstborn son, Hayden, entered the world with a neural tube defect and severe special needs, she faced a life-altering decision. Would she lean on her faith and accept God’s plan for her family, or would she succumb to despair? In her debut book, Reckless Yes: Exchanging Worldly Ease for God’s Eternal Adventure, Hensley shares the powerful story of how she chose hope and transformed her family’s challenges into an inspiring journey of spiritual growth.

Johnna and her husband Ryan went on to have two more biological children and adopt three times, creating a diverse and vibrant family that relies on God’s grace each day. Their “wild bunch” of six children, complete with twins, wheelchairs, medical equipment, and a convoy of minivans, often attracts attention – but Hensley sees this as another opportunity to reflect Christ’s light in the world.

In Reckless Yes, Hensley combines her personal experiences with teachings on God’s character, challenging readers to abandon their fears and boldly embrace God’s plan for their lives. Through wit, wisdom, and heartfelt storytelling, she offers a glimpse of the eternal hope found in Christ and encourages others to seek after Him with all their heart.

This captivating and inspiring story will resonate with anyone facing adversity or searching for meaning in their own lives. Don’t miss Johnna Hensley’s Reckless Yes, a testament to the power of faith, determination, and God’s eternal adventure.

Johnna Hensley’s book, Reckless Yes: Exchanging Worldly Ease for God’s Eternal Adventure will be available to download for free for five days from June 6 through June 10, 2023. Reckless Yes has launched with rave reviews. Here’s what just a couple reviewers have said:

Christy Stout
5 Stars – Great read!!!

“What a great book! Johnna writes like she’s having a cup of coffee with you and it made me want to keep flipping the pages. Anyone can read this book and find something to relate to! I appreciated the vulnerability on these pages and am so glad her family story is out there. I appreciated all the references to the Lord. You can tell that this family is centered on Him and He is the foundation that keeps the Hensley’s going!! Go read this book and be encouraged!”

5 Stars – Courage through Faith

“The story of the Hensley family (special needs, fostering, multiracial adoption, etc.) is a fascinating one of faith overcoming fear; saying yes when God asks even though the world thinks it’s crazy. Johnna writes with honesty and clarity, sharing both doubts and triumphs along the way. Her family’s journey reminds us that our mission is not to take the easy way, and that this world is not our final destination. We are preparing for a great restoration to come.”

About the Author

Johnna Hensley is an author, blogger, wife, and mother of six whose family is built by biology and adoption. She holds a marketing degree from Texas A&M University and is a certified teacher. Her hobbies include hiking with friends, early morning workout sessions, Tex-Mex dinners on patios with girlfriends, leading Bible studies and finding hope in each day. A fourth-generation Texan living in Dallas/Fort Worth, she is married to Ryan, her husband of eighteen years.

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