Remarkable book helps children understand the importance of protecting God’s planet

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God Is Sad. Earth Is Crying is your pathway through different stages of the earth’s existence. Initially, you step back in time when the universe was beautifully created. In the present, you observe how global warming has affected each continent. In the future, you reap benefits from your guardianship role protecting earth’s delicate balance.

God Is Sad. Earth Is Crying creates awareness about how global warming is changing the natural identity of earth. From biblical creation and Noah’s Ark to today, God’s creation has always been special. However, many humans have forgotten about their responsibility to protect the environment. When nature is damaged, life becomes broken and distorted. Sadly, this results in nature becoming unnatural.

Melting polar ice sheets are common. Anxious, stressed and frightened Polar bears become stranded on small slabs of floating and melting Arctic ice. Rising sea levels from melting Arctic ice erode coastal areas in the Northern Hemisphere. Melting Antarctica ice sheets provide extra water that flows towards the Pacific islands which contributes to submerged coastal areas.

God Is Sad. Earth Is Crying connects biblical facts and truths about God’s perfect creation and the role that humans have in maintaining God’s creation.

In Genesis 1:26-30, God gave humans dominion or control and authority over animals and the entire earth created by God. This means that we must protect and safeguard the earth’s environment, animals and vegetation. We have a duty of accountability, care, purpose and responsibility to protect animal habitats, and natural landscapes e.g. the atmosphere, vegetation and waterways.

Many animals and vegetation have become endangered and extinct which cannot be reversed.

God Is Sad. Earth Is Crying is described by two metaphors. One, God is sad about damage to planet earth’s environment. Two, earth’s widespread damage from global warming results in earth’s tears of sadness. From a perfect creation to now, God sadly sees earth’s tears about global warming damage across the continents.

Albeit, hope exists when humans use their guardianship role in protecting the delicate nature of life on earth.

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