bixby and the very bad idea

| November 16, 2023

“Bixby and the Very Bad Idea” a Heartwarming Picture Book Packed with Life Lessons

In a world where empathy and kindness are more important than ever, children’s book author Jerri Lien invites young readers on an enchanting adventure with her new book, “Bixby and the Very Bad Idea.” This captivating picture book effortlessly weaves together valuable life lessons, imaginative storytelling, and heartwarming characters, leaving children eager to explore the

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Bixby and the Very Bad Idea

Bixby wants someone to play ball with him. But everyone is busy doing something else! Then Bixby gets a great idea: what if he hides everyone else’s toys? But when Bixby can’t find his own ball, he discovers that his idea might actually be a very bad one after all. It takes a few tummy

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