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Biography | Books | October 24, 2023

Suitcases from Heaven: A Mother’s Journey of Hope through Her Daughter-in-Law’s Cancer

“Jazmin came fluttering into our home, speaking of healing and miracles. I didn’t know how to tell her I didn’t believe in that nonsense.” Cindy Henson had jumped on a miracle train twenty-five years earlier, believing God was going to heal her young son of severe autism, and quickly jumped off with a suitcase full

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| April 27, 2023

I Don’t Have Cancer When I’m Sleeping offers hope and help for those on journey of loss

When life turns an unexpected corner, the quality of life can quickly take on new meaning. That’s what was confronting Noreen after she was twice diagnosed with cancer. I Don’t Have Cancer When I’m Sleeping: Living and Dying with Cancer explores her journey, along with her husband, and how he copes with the eventual loss

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