Christa Armstead

| July 21, 2023

Mother of Arik Armstead of the San Francisco 49ers Reveals Her Past in New Biography

Red-headed and light skinned Christa Armstead was born in 1967 to an eighteen-year-old black mother and her father was a thirty-year-old white Catholic priest. “There are no estimates of how many such children exist,” says a New York Times article, but a global support group for children of priests, Coping International, reported 50,000 users in

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Illegitimate: Memoir Of A Priest’s Daughter

A secret shame. A powerful longing. A search for belonging. This book is indeed a must-read! Christa Armstead’s story is a missing puzzle piece of healing, empowerment, and transformation that will fill a space many carry within their souls. Through her deep transparency she provides a road map for moving from pain to purpose, from

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