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| June 20, 2023

Mum who tragically lost two children shares deep hope in new book

Loss and suffering is hard at any time and it is human nature to struggle with it. As a parent, hearing of someone losing a young child is heartbreaking. In the case of Emma-Jane McNicol, she faced the death of two of her children, in different circumstances, within two years. Emma-Jane, a New Zealander and

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| January 6, 2023

Author shares heartfelt testimony and path to a deeper relationship with Christ in new book

The majority of American adults regularly think about how to find meaning and purpose in life. In a recent Lifeway study, 57 percent of adults said they wonder at least monthly on the topic.* Many have weighed in on the purpose of life. The late, great evangelist Billy Graham said, “The born-again Christian sees life

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Biography | Books | November 10, 2022

Beyond These Eyes: The Biography of Blind Surfer Derek Rabelo

“If I can do all this and I am blind, what can you achieve?”  Beyond These Eyes is the biography of one of the most inspiring, courageous and incredible young men to be living on our planet at this time in history.  Professional surfer Derek Rabelo is fearless in the ocean. The unique characteristic of

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Biography | Books | May 11, 2022

When I Am A Doctor

Lorna, the wife of a country minister, believed that her husband brought to their marriage his inherited family curse of poverty. She looked for relief to their firstborn daughter Anne who from the start showed the high intelligence capable of the earning potential of a medical doctor. Anne did become a doctor. One day when

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