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| May 4, 2023

‘So much more than a book’: Anna’s Story inspires readers to fall in love with God again

A new book that dissects the story of Anna the Prophetess has received remarkable feedback from readers, with many stating it has dramatically changed their walk with God. Carol Anderson, who told me she had exceptionally poor English skills before embarking on writing her new book, Anna’s Story – Woman of the Secret Place has

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Books | Christian Living | April 29, 2023

Hard Pressed but Not Crushed: Embracing the Lessons of Life

If you ever question God’s ability to redeem whatever He chooses, regardless of how horrific it is, Patti Davis wants to lay your doubt to rest. As a child, Patti has a rage-aholic mother, struggles in school, and suffers both physical and sexual abuse. But when a neighbor invites her to participate in a children’s

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Books | Christian Living | February 17, 2023

This Wondrous Life

Discover the extraordinary while living a seemingly ordinary life Has life ever left you wondering What is this all for? Am I having any impact or making a difference at all? When faced with the daily grind, it can be easy to believe our life has little significance. We can assume that just because we

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| May 21, 2019

Outrage As Amazon Bans Christian Books But Promotes Paedophilia Titles

A number of Christian books that portray a biblical approach to morality have recently been removed from Amazon’s platform, while the online giant continues to sell books that promote paedophilia. Two Christian authors whose books document their journey from homosexuality as Jesus transformed their sexual identity have had their books removed, with Amazon claiming that

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