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| March 12, 2024

New book series will help teens increase their faith and learn God’s plan for their lives

After being an overseas missionary for 30 plus years, in more than 10 different nations, Julia Love, as a former teacher, has written a series of 12 short stories for teenagers or middle school students. Each book is a fast-paced, faith adventure story, situated in a different nation, (for example “Fleeing the War in Ukraine,”

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Books | Children | November 16, 2023

Bixby and the Very Bad Idea

Bixby wants someone to play ball with him. But everyone is busy doing something else! Then Bixby gets a great idea: what if he hides everyone else’s toys? But when Bixby can’t find his own ball, he discovers that his idea might actually be a very bad one after all. It takes a few tummy

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