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Books | Fiction | April 28, 2023

Totally Unexpected!

Seventeen-year-old Rebecca Robinson, beautiful and bright, arranges to meet her best friend for an afternoon of chatting, eating… and drinking stolen beer. When Rebecca arrives at the nearby meadow, she does not find her friend – instead, she finds what seems to be a UFO. Curious, she climbs inside to explore, kicking off the adventure

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Books | Fiction | April 5, 2023

Shadow Sister

Working on her father’s vineyard allows Sarah Lanning to bury memories of a lost love and a career that might have been. But then her fractured family receives word that her estranged sister, Jenna, is dead, leaving behind the unexpected request for Sarah to travel to Bolivia to scatter her ashes. Accompanied by pilot Chase

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| May 17, 2022

Young man caught in End Times fight portrayed in exciting new books

It is hard, even for the strongest of Christians, to comprehend that, even when we are simply “sitting on the couch”, there is a battle raging for our souls. Our fight is a spiritual one, and we are all engaged in it, whether we like it or not. The Last Sunset and its sequel, The

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