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Books | Christian Living | May 1, 2024

Missionary Ponderances: Learning To Let God Be The Answer

Natalie Monk went to Mozambique as a medical missionary with something to give. Through cross-cultural and personal challenges in a rural medical clinic, she discovered she was the learner; she didn’t have all the answers. While she had the medical training as a pediatric nurse practitioner and resources, she acknowledges having but a “fraction of

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Biography | Books | Christian Living | April 24, 2024

Shaving Off His Mane: Overcoming the Habit of Devaluing Your Husband

Marriage was not made to be a battleground where we snarl, fight, and attack each other. It was meant to be more like a playground where we romp and play and have fun together. Sadly, many couples can relate to a battleground instead of a playground. Why is that?  Using the example of a lion

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