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| June 19, 2024

New Inspirational Release Issues an Invitation to Authentic Worship

Denominations, congregations, and individuals often differ on the correct answer to the question “What is worship?” Sinclair Ferguson writes, “There is a difference between going to a service ‘for the worship’ and going to a service ‘to worship the Lord.’ The distinction appears to be a minor one, but it may imply the difference between

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Books | Christian Living | May 1, 2024

You Rang?: Biblical Principles of Prayer

God answers prayer. We can approach him as a loving Father who delights in meeting his children’s needs. But there are principles of prayer in the Bible that teach us how to pray powerfully and effectively. This primer on prayer clearly sets out what the Bible says about prayer. Learn the basics of prayer—what prayer

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| April 29, 2023

New role discovers the role of faith in dealing with life’s problems

In a study put out by the presidential prayer team,* an impressive 45 percent of Americans claim they pray daily. But considering that 100 percent of people deal with life struggles, it could be that some people are unaware of, or resistant to, the power of prayer in finding one’s way in times of serious

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