Tales from the remote Jolly Jungle of the southern Philippines detailed in missionary’s new children’s book

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After delighting audiences informally for years with tales from the remote Jolly Jungle of the southern Philippines, all the while bringing up four lively children, missionary Lynne Castelijn is sharing her cultural insights in a fun, story form.

Lynne has just released a new children’s book titled Flash, The Teeny-Tiny Turtle, which draws heavily on her years of living and ministering in the Philippines.

In Flash, The Teeny-Tiny Turtle, all her stories are based on 30 years of real-life adventures that will entertain, inform and encourage children and parents from all walks of life. Parents who want children to broaden their worldview will appreciate this book, as will parents of Third Culture Kids (TCKs) – that wonderful group of young people which encompass missionary children.

“Our two girls were 2 years old and 3 months old when we first arrived in the Philippines, all bright eyed and delightfully naive,” says Lynne. “Later, our two sons were born in a little Baptist hospital high in the mountains of Mindanao. Life was an adventure living in the village submersed in ministry, language learning, culture, medical work, home schooling, daily dramas and occasional full-on emergencies necessitating calling in the mission plane or helicopter.

“There were difficult days. But through it all, our children saw God at work, learned, grew and ultimately thrived. I wouldn’t change those years for anything.”

For missionary famiies, Flash the Teeny Tiny Turtle is a great way to begin preparing young ones before they head to their new, different life overseas – as well as helping normalize life in the strange new world they enter. This book is also a perfect gift for someone you may know heading abroad, such as missionaries, teachers, aid-workers or short-term mission workers or adventurers.

“There will be challenges,” she says, “but there can be an awful lot of fun, too!”

Lynne and her husband, Albert, are still involved in Bible translation and church planting work, as well as working with the Philippines’ Department of Education to establish a local high school for the indigenous Banwaon people with whom they work.

However, Lynne has more time these days to finally get all those marvelous stories and adventures into book form – first telling many of the positive, fun things the children enjoyed when they were young – and later focusing on some of the challenges TCKs face and how God fits into it all. She also has a memoir in the works with her debut adult’s book soon to launch.

Still fully dedicated to helping the Banwaon indigenous people of Mindanao, Philippines, part of the proceeds of all books go directly to helping Banwaon children with further education.

Flash, The Teeny-Tiny Turtle is now available globally You can also find Lynne at

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