The Way of the Maker by Debbie Lynn Gaustad Empowers Believers to Confidently Counter Evolutionary Theories

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Debbie Lynn Gaustad invites readers on an inspiring journey through the wonders of creation that equips believers to confidently share their faith and evidence for biblical creation. This easy-to-understand guide uses logic, common sense, and critical thinking to help readers become amateur observational creation scientists and address the theories of evolution.

In her book, Gaustad answers important questions that challenge the basics of evolution:

  • Macro-Evolution: Gaustad explains why changing from one species to another—known as macro-evolution—has not been observed or documented.
  • The Origin of Life: She tackles the question of how nonliving matter could evolve into living organisms, arguing against the idea that something can come from nothing.
  • Miracle of Human Life: Gaustad celebrates the miracle of human life made in the image of God.
  • Uniqueness in Nature: She highlights how evolution fails to explain the distinctiveness we see in the natural world.

Gaustad’s book is designed to be easy-to-understand, as it turns complex scientific ideas into something everyone can understand. The book includes questions for exploration, practical ideas to put knowledge into practice, and prayers to connect theoretical knowledge to real-life faith.

This book is more than just a response to evolutionary theory; it’s a call for believers to strengthen their faith with evidence and share the wonders of creation with confidence and passion.

Debbie Lynn Gaustad’s “The Way of the Maker” will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days, July 2, 2024 through July 6, 2024. “The Way of the Maker” is rated 5 stars by those who purchased and reviewed the book. Here’s what a couple of the reviewers have said:

Vicky Parks
Well worth reading. Very impactful. I am a fan!
5 Stars

“Never underestimate the power of a planted seed”. Very powerful quote from the author whose knowledge is profound in helping our evolutionist friends discover The Way . The author uses vast amounts of scripture to support creationism and the God in Heaven who sent His beloved Son to redeem us . I love the way the author teaches us ” The Way of the Maker Lifestyle ” to encourage us to stay on the narrow path. I love the way the author brings so much glory, honor and praise to our Creator, our Savior and our star breathing God. Very enjoyable read.”

Bill Farrel
Rich Dive into the Creator and Creation
5 Stars

“This book takes deep solid science and brings to to the common man and woman. A great way to live in AWE of the Creator and creation and how it can interact with our lives today.”

Debbie Lynn Gaustad is an amateur observational creation scientist, trained speaker, and certified life coach. A graduate of UCLA with a bachelor of science in kinesiology, she was a stay-at-home mom to three children and has six grandchildren. An adventure hiker, she has traveled extensively to US national parks. She and her husband, David, live in Tucson, Arizona with their goldendoodle Gracee.

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